Your Fit&Me Reports

Learn what your DNA says about you. Click on each card to view your detailed reports.

These are DEMO reports.

Athletic Performance Reports

Benefits From Exercise

You have variations on the genes that amplify fitness benefits.
Slightly High 

Potential For Lean Body Mass

Your genetic predisposition score for this trait falls within the normal range.

Reduced Heart Beat Response to Exercise

You are likely to have a typical reduction in your heart rate as a response to exercise.

Injury Properties Reports

Stress Fracture Risk

You have an average risk of developing stress fracture.

Muscle Properties Reports

Muscle Damage Risk

Your genetic predisposition score indicates a higher risk of muscle damage after strenuous intensive exercise and heat exposure.
Slightly High 

Muscle Soreness

You have a slightly higher than average likelihood of developing muscle soreness immediately after strenuous activity, that may continue for several days after the exercise.
Slightly High 

Weight Management Reports

Difficulty in Losing Weight

You do not have any genetic variations for losing weight, and should not have any difficulties maintaining a healthy weight.

Aversion to Exercise

Good news! You have genetic variations found in people who tend to exercise more.

Potential for Obesity

Your genetic variation shows a slightly higher predisposition towards obesity.
Slightly High 

Slow Metabolism

Your genetic variation shows a predisposition for slower metabolism.